Sunday, September 25, 2022

Google launches free app to create cartoons with your own story


Contemporary digital devices and tools offer fantastic opportunities for kids to learn, imagine and invent in a fun way.

Google has worked extensively in this field to educate powerful tools to young students for learning creative skills to achieve their goals at their leisure. One such attempt is launching a free mobile application ‘Toontastic 3D’ which is available on the Google Play Store as well as iOS App Store.


Toontastic 3D ensures that kids can now create cartoons with their own stories. Kids can also design pitches, science reports for school, short stories and many more.


“With Toontastic 3D, kids can draw, animate and narrate their own adventures, news stories, school reports, and anything else they might dream up. All they need to do is move characters around on the screen and tell their story. It’s like a digital puppet theater… but with enormous interactive 3D worlds, dozens of customizable characters, 3D drawing tools, and an idea lab with sample stories to inspire new creations,” said a Google blog.


This application will help kids explore the boundaries of their imaginations and fulfill the dream of becoming a filmmaker, a teacher, a designer or a cartoonist.



  • A giant toy box chock full of swashbuckling pirates, transforming robots, nefarious villains, and many more characters and settings to spark kids’ imaginations
  • Design your own characters with 3D drawing tools
  • Add yourself to your adventures with photos and custom colored characters
  • Mix your soundtrack with dozens of built-in songs
  • Choose from three Story Arcs for digital storytelling (Short Story, Classic, & Science Report)
  • Export videos to your Photos library to share with family and friends
  • An idea lab chock full of playful stories, characters and settings to inspire new adventures




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