Thursday, August 11, 2022

Google maps picture shows hiker smiling with his leg missing – But What Happened?


Google Maps Street View is intended for use as a serious tool. However, thanks to the scene the tech giant shoots combined with user-contributed content, it’s often a source of entertainment and intrigue. A deeply disturbing image photographed in rural Ukraine is one such example.

A photo of a hiker captured in Ukraine shows him smiling as one of his legs completely severed lies on the ground in front of him. The photo captured in 2014 on Google Maps and is still visible today.

The photo shows a couple hiking in the countryside. They are taking a break from their expedition as they sit on their huge rucksacks. The woman is staring ahead of her, while the man looks directly at the camera with a gentle smile – despite the bottom half of his left leg lying on the ground.

Surprisingly, the man displays no pain or horror at the shocking accident that appears to have happened. He is seen calmly resting both his hands on his knees.

The woman also shows no signs of worry.

Are your eyes missing something?

Yes, the image is a result of a technological glitch with the Google cameras.

Take a closer look at the picture. The apparently severed leg is blurry at the top. The man’s left leg finishes at his ankle, showing his grey sock and a part of his shoe. Thus, the ‘severed leg’ does not match with his left limb.

When images are captured, the 360-degree cameras take multiple pictures to create seamless photo. Moving objects tend to ruin the scene as they change their position when photos are clicked – hence the shocking scene.


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