Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Govt employee, wife, children found dead at Islamabad residence


ISLAMABAD: A federal government employee along with his wife and three children have been found dead at their residence in Islamabad, ARY NEWS reported.

According to police, the government employee and his family have been found dead at their residence with initial investigation suggesting that it could be owing to suffocation due to a leakage in a cylinder.

“A cylinder has been found in the room.” the Islamabad police said adding that the Lohi Bher police, within whose limits the incident occurred, were further investigating the matter.

The bodies have been shifted to a hospital for medical examination to ascertain the cause of the death.

It is pertinent to mention here that cylinder-related incidents have in the past also claimed the lives of innocent people in the federal capital.

In December 2019, at least 13 people sustained wounds after a gas leakage explosion occurred at a restaurant in Islamabad.

The incident occurred when gas leakage at a local restaurant in the Jinnah Supermarket area caused a blast, injuring 13 people-mostly from burn wounds- and damaging two restaurants.

The incident occurred after the gas cylinders were placed in the backyard of the restaurant in a dangerous manner.

The rescue teams reached the venue soon after the incident and shifted the wounded to Burns ward of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) hospital in the capital for treatment.

Police authorities also reached the spot after the blast at the market, which later turned out to be from gas leakage.

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