Saturday, September 18, 2021

Govt not fearful of current situation: PM Nawaz


Speaking at the floor of National Assembly, the PM said he had taken oath of upholding the constitution and he would not let his oath tarnished.

“No party – be it traders, minorities, lawyers, political party or any segment of  the society – is there who is supporting the anti-government steps.”

Supremacy of constitution and law will continue to exist in Pakistan, he said.

The PM said, “We are on a track that will develop, prosper and enlighten Pakistan and soon the God will bring the day in Pakistan that any plot to hindrance of development will be foiled.”

“We will not fear such steps. We have seen times in the past and never cried foul on that. He said in the elections 2008, we were ‘trussed up’ and our nomination papers were rejected. But we went through the electoral process and accepted results with open heart. He added that we did not regret and shout on election defeat.

At that time, the entire system was deployed by a dictator from local administration to election staff. We acknowledged the victory of PPP in the 2008 elections. During those five years, we ensured that the democratic government must complete its term.”

The PM recalled  “I visited Imran Khan in hospital after two days of elections when he was admitted in a hospital, and he ensured me to support the government in democratic interest and will do constructive opposition.”

He went on to say that meeting with Imran at his Bani Gala residence was also productive. We don’t want to be in sycophancy. It’s right of the house to question government on misdoings but at the same time the government should be supported on all good measures it has taken.

He said he met the MQM delegation and their suggestions were appreciable. The development process has just started and current political turmoil has affected economy.

Rupee depreciated, stock exchange suffered, then who will impose confidence in Pakistan in such circumstances, he asked. “Confidence of traders has shaken in recent days.”

He said there should be a debate that what prompted the current situation to surface. I will speak in detail once the matter is decided, he added.

PM Sharif said all parties wished to eradicate poverty, load-shedding, transportation woes, infrastructural development from the country.

“We currently don’t have amount to install a big electricity plant. But we have managed to get loan to establish power plant to produce 10,000 mega watts of electricity.”

No political party can bring about magic in development of the country in just a day, said the PM.

Three to four days back, China and Pakistan have fianlised plan for Karachi-Lahore motorway. Rs 55 billion have been released in this regard. There is a revolutionary plan to develop Gwadar, Balochistan, Bhasha Dam, Port Qasim Karachi and power projects which is to-do list of the government, he added.

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