Friday, September 30, 2022

Govt releases Rs 293.2 million for industrial development projects


ISLAMABAD: The government has released Rs 293.230 million for several industrial development projects under its Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2017-18.

Under PSDP, the government has released Rs 84.700 million for establishment of Bostan Industrial Estate phase-first as against the total allocation of Rs 211.736 million in current fiscal year, according the data of Planning Commission of Pakistan, reported by state-run wire service APP.

An amount of Rs 49.60 million was released for establishment of infrastructure in Quetta industrial and trading estate as the government has allocated Rs 122.625 million in its current year development programme.

So far the government has provided Rs 38.850 million for establishment of Peshawar light engineering center in order to promote the engineering industry in the country as an amount of Rs 42.614 million was allocated for the above mentioned projects.

In order to develop and promote the industrial activities in Balochistan province, an amount of Rs 30.620 million was released for provision of infrastructure in Quetta Industrial State, where as the government has earmarked Rs 76.567 million in its current years development programme.

Besides, Rs 44.740 million was released for water supply scheme for Hub Industrial Trading Estate as against the total allocation of Rs 111.855 million for the current financial year.


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