Saturday, October 8, 2022

Good governance: Govt underlines services of civilian institutions


“The initiatives taken by the government are showing visible results in improved law and order situation and vibrant economic development,” stated a government spokesperson today, in an apparent response to the ISPR statement of Nov 10.

“However, it is to be noted that implementation of the National Action Plan is a shared responsibility and all institutions have to play their role, while remaining with the ambit of constitution.”

The statement read that successful implementation of this strategy was only possible due to broad political consensus achieved by this government, brave action by the men and officers of armed forces and coordinated efforts by provincial governments, police, civil armed forces and intelligence agencies.

The apex judiciary also extended its full support to this effort, it added.

The statement also credited the people of Pakistan, who whole-heartedly supported this operation.

The spokesperson said the government truly believes it is accountable to the people of Pakistan and so it has taken all its decisions in an open and transparent manner, keeping the national interest as it foremost priority.

The government’s firm commitment to good governance has been the hallmark of all its policies.


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