Sunday, September 26, 2021

Graffiti-ed Ranger Rover goes viral


The graffiti on both of its side said ‘cheater’, on its bonnet and rear window it was written ‘hope she was worth it!’ on its right side it was written ‘it’s over’, suggesting the end of a relationship.


The car was seen parked on a single yellow line in posh Knightsbridge, south west London near Harrods.


According to BBC, someone called Klo who took the photos said she saw a woman spray-painting the car. She said: “I have no idea who she was – she was just going crazy. No one tried to stop her. She just left afterwards.”


Some people are also speculating that it could be a publicity stunt.

Passers-by soon had taken its photographs which were uploaded to Twitter and other social platforms. Eyewitness Steve Holford told London 24: “There was a large crowd gathering – everyone was taking photos and messaging their friends. It seemed to brighten people’s day and a bit of street justice was seen to be done.”

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