Friday, August 19, 2022

Groups like Daesh causing damage to Islam, says Saudi grand mufti


Addressing in his annual Hajj sermon at mount Arafat’s Nimara mosque, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh said anti-Islam and anti-Muslim forces were trying their best to disintegrate Muslims.

He said no religion is ‘just’ except the religion of Islam and we are here due to the blessings of Allah.

The Grand Mufti underlined that groups like Daesh were giving wrong interpretation of Islam, and they causing damage to Islam.

“Muslim youth should be careful against joining any misleading movement, or follow any slogan.”

He urged that “we should try to shun differences between Muslims and entire humanity.”

“Muslim rulers should take care of their masses, fulfill their basic needs,” he said.

Muslim youth should fear the almighty Allah and utilize their energy to please Allah. He said Houthis in Yemen were on wrong path as they negate Sahaba and propagating false slogans.

He condemned that misled elements didn’t spare mosques from terrorism and killed innocent and peaceful civilians.

“May Allah forgive our sins, accept our worship at Hajj, unite Muslims and lead us to path that pleases Him.”


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