Sunday, June 26, 2022

GSP+ status: EU’s monitoring mission lands in Pakistan


Islamabad: The European Union’s (EU) monitoring mission to verify Pakistan’s eligibility for the renewal of the country’s GSP+ status arrived in Pakistan on Wednesday. 

According to the ministry of trade, the mission would analyze issues such as human rights, child labour, labour rights and others. The mission would verify the 27 conventions fulfilled by Pakistan, and Pakistan will get its GSP+ status renewed, the ministry added.

Officials say that Pakistan did its best to fulfil all requisitions for the GSP+ status, 5 more conventions will have to be fulfilled after the renewal of the GSP+ status.

The renewal of the status would result in increased exports to the European Union, the Trade Ministry said.

It is to be noted that a panel of 4 EU vice presidents and over 30 members of the parliament had assured former governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwar of the renewal of the GSP+ status.

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Chaudhry Sarwar had said that the renewal would cause a benefit of over Rs20 billion. The decision would be in our favour, he added.


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