Monday, August 15, 2022

Does Gullu Butt make entry anew?


Gullu Butt had earned wrath of different segments of society when he was captured live by TV channels smashing public property during a clash between PAT activists and Punjab police in Model Town, Lahore, on June 17 2014 that claimed over 20 lives, most of them the PAT members.


Different thoughts started running in minds of the PAT activists to find Gullu Butt among them again. Has Gullu Butt been released from jail? Has he again been assigned task to create anarchy? But after knowing that it was not Gullu Butt but his younger brother Bullu Butt, who was very close in looks with Gullu, they were amazed.


Gullu had attracted attention of people all around the world by smashing cars under the aegis of police. Even Oxford Dictionary added the word gullu in its vocabulary which means “disruptive behavior of someone enjoying (good or bad) backing of the ruling/powerful segments of society”.

PAT is going to stage a sit-in at Lahore’s Mall Road area to mark the second anniversary of the Model Town firing incident.



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