Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Gunman arrested after shooting incident at Canberra airport


SYDNEY: Australian capital Canberra’s airport was evacuated and a gunman arrested after gunshots were heard in the main terminal building, police said on Sunday.

In a statement, the police said one person has been taken into custody and a firearm was recovered. There have been no reported injuries, it added.

Police said CCTV footage has been reviewed and at this time the person in custody is believed to be the only person responsible for the incident.

“The Canberra Airport terminal was evacuated as a precaution and the situation at the airport is contained,” the statement said. The police said members of the public were not allowed to get to the airport at this time.

Videos posted on social media earlier in the day showed police detaining a man inside the airport as travellers look on. Media and onlookers also gathered outside the airport following the evacuation.

The incident has led to delays and cancellations of flights, media reports said.


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