Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hania Aamir’s Instagram post takes fans by surprise


Hania Aamir is one of the most sought after young actors in the industry right now, and with that comes its fair share of judgement. In a recent post, the actor shed light on dealing with mean social media comments, sharing a forlorn photo of herself.

The Ishqiya star took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a picture of herself post crying after reading some mean comments, in an effort to prove just how much words can affect others. “This was me trying to get myself together after shedding two tears over three mean comments,” she wrote.

“Words are powerful. They can create and destroy. Why use them to knock people down when you can use them to lift each other up?” she went on to question.

Hania also had some words of wisdom for people who choose to relentlessly troll celebrities on social media. “Being mean is easy and weak and projection of your own fears and insecurities,” she said, adding that on the flip side, “being kind is beautiful; it is strength; let’s be beautiful and strong together.”

She then urged people to use their words kindly, especially on social media.

Earlier, Mawra Hocane also shed light on just how damaging social media trolling and hate can be. Talking to Mira Sethi on her show Hello! Mira Sethi, Mawra said that she almost left Pakistan and acting due to incessant online hate.


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“The first time it hit me, I thought of shutting everything down and just leaving. I even thought of leaving acting, it was that bad,” she shared. “I left for Sydney for a while and told my parents that I didn’t want to do any of it anymore.”

“It was such a traumatising thing for me at that age that I don’t want it happening to me again,” added Mawra.

This is one message we can get behind because as much as it can be hard to believe, celebrities are not just characters we see on-screen, they are also normal human beings behind the screen, with valid emotions and feelings.

Here’s hoping that Hania’s message does not fall on deaf ears!


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