Thursday, August 11, 2022

Hania Amir slams Modi over illegal annexation of IOK


Pakistani actress Hania Amir comes into defence of Kashmiris facing atrocities in Indian occupied Kashmir and slammed the Prime Minister Narendra Modi by exposing videos of Muslims being beaten up and forced to chant pro-Hindu slogans.

In her series of tweets, the actress censured Narendra Modi of dual-standard by allowing his followers to torture Muslims besides making tall claims of defending rights of Kashmiri people.

She said, “So modi jee says the removal of article 370 will result in a better future for the people of Kashmir. Quote on quote “Kashmir kai logon ka vartman sudhre ga Aur bhawishr surakshit hoga” really? You think beating people up and forcing them to chant “jaye shree raam” is going..”

Hania Amir continued, “to give the people of Jammu & Kashmir a better future? He continues to talk about how baki “baitiyon ko jo haq milte hain woh jammu kashmir ki baitiyon ko nahi milte” and you think killing and harassing their fathers husbands brothers will aid women empowerment in Kashmir?”

Later, she said, “And then he continues to talk about the minimum wage act and the minority act that does not exist in Kashmir! You don’t get to speak about minorities! Under your government this is how the minorities are being treated! Harassed, bullied, killed, bombed!”

“And you’re speaking about their right? and Are Indians not going to come forward and speak against this? I have Indian friends and I know they don’t stand with terror and violence! Modi jee is this your new introduced democracy in Kashmir?”

“Is this how you’re introducing new job opportunities in Kashmir? There’s one race and that is humanity! Don’t create this divide to justify your injustice! Zulm Aur tashadud kar kai koi insaan ya mulk zyada dair tak thehra nahi hai!”

“Scrap being Indian or Pakistani or Hindu or Muslim This is bigger than that! This is about the human race! Show some humanity! Khuda se daro!” she tweeted using hashtag ‘#StandwithKashmir’.


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