Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Happy Birthday Pakistan!


It is a land that has sooo much potential, talent, resources of all kinds, the philosophy, poetry and ‘chemistry’ that can tender positive contributions to humanity for generations to come.
It is a nation that has achieved so much having been allowed so little; gone through calamity upon calamity, with external forces fighting their wars within this little state; national politics bridled and puppetry ever-apparent; natural disasters crumbling the infrastructure and washing away possessions; loss of life and limb without just cause.
It is sad that certain negative phenomena, some homegrown and others external, have impacted its growth, development and progress, since its very inception.
The people are strong, determined and can make positive changes almost at will, given honest leadership and true guidance.
The land of beauty and potential, the land of grace and generosity, the land of mujahids and awliya’, the land of Islam and faith, the Land of the Pure – Happy Birthday, Pakistan.

Tahir Mahmood Kiani
t: @tmkiani


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