Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Haqqani admits safeguarding US interests being a Pakistani envoy


WASHINGTON: The former Pakistani Ambassador to the United States (US) Hussain Haqqani – in a startling revelation – admitted to serve US interests at his best for which he said he has been living in exile, ARY News reported on Thursday.

He was invited by Foundation for Defense and Democracies (FDD) – Policy Institute focusing on foreign policy – to take part in a debate on ‘Terrorism and Islamic countries’ where he said that he was living in exile for serving American interests and cooperating with its institutions.

“I am now living in exile for having cooperated with the United States… So, I think I am the most qualified to write the book on ‘How the United States should deal with allies”, he said while taking part in a debate.

According to our Washington correspondent Jahanzaib Ali, the former ambassador has time to time refuted allegations for working against Pakistani interests until he made a kind of confessional statement yesterday by stating that he served US interests and cooperated with its officials being a Pakistani ambassador.

It is worth mentioning here that the former ambassador on March 13 this year – in an opinion piece for a foreign newspaper – had admitted facilitating the stationing of American special operations and intelligence personnel on Pakistani soil and forging links that eventually allowed US to carry out raid in Abbottabad to eliminate Osama bin Laden.


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