Saturday, August 13, 2022

Health expert recommends packaged milk due to ‘safety, hygiene standards’


KARACHI: The secretary-general of Pakistan Medical Association, Dr Qaiser Sajjad, has recommended packaged milk instead of consuming unpasteurised and raw milk came from dairy shops and local farms, ARY News reported.

Dr Qaiser Sajjad, while talking to ARY News programme ‘Sawal Yeh Hai’, said that raw and unpasteurised milk is extremely hazardous for human health as the whole process from milking to its supplies to the consumers is unhygienic and unhealthful.

“You will find no compliance of health safety and hygiene standards for production and supplies of raw milk. In dairy farms, they used to inject cattle for increasing the production of milk which leads to diseases.”

“Boiling the raw milk will certainly destroy bacterias but it lessens the adequate level of calcium, fats, minerals and carbohydrates.”

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The health expert said that they have also visited packaged milk manufacturing companies to inspect the process of its packaging. He detailed that the handling and packaging processes are completely machine-centred which decreased the health risks due to less human involvement.

Dr Sajjad further said that harmful ingredients in raw milk will become the cause of diseases like breast, cervical and prostate cancer. He recommended people to avoid consuming raw milk and choose a standard company for packaged milk.

He, however, said that other dairy products like cheese made with processed milk contain some non-essential items including artificial colour and sweeteners could cause weight gain.

People are advised to immediately seek consultancy of physicians in case of any medical complication.


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