Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Heirs look towards parrot ‘witness’ to solve murder mystery


Martin Duram, 45, and his wife, Glenna Duram, 46, residents of Michigan state in United States, were both shot dead with a gun the husband had kept at home in May last year.

Glenna has made a full recovery, while his husband could not survive, in what police has believed to be a homicide.

While, Martin ‘s parents are judging it through a different angle. They are positive that the family’s parrot knows what really went down in an unsolved mystery murder and his “testimony” could establish clue to the alleged murder, a local news channel WOOD TV reported.


The parents, Lillian and Charles Durum said their son’s pet repeated everything a person said. They had recorded the parrot crying “don’t f***ing shoot” shortly after Martin’s alleged murder.

“That bird picks up everything and anything, and it’s got the filthiest mouth around,” Martin’s mother Lillian said.

The parents are convinced the parrot witnessed their son begging Glenna for his life before turning the gun on herself, and mimicked his owner’s final three words, however police dismissed the video as inadmissible.

Glenna told police she had no memory of the day leading up to the incident but said she did not shoot her husband.

Martin’s parents told their son also had a gambling problem. He had learned that the family home was going into foreclosure due to outstanding debts, about a month before his death.

Police documents show three suicide notes written by the Glenna were found in the home – one to her ex-husband, and one to each of her children – but she denied writing them.

“I’m sorry but I love you and soo sorry I’ve been a disappointment to you these last 12 yrs or so. Please forgive me your one of the best things I ever did — Love mom (sic),” one of the notes stated.

Michigan State Police said they would decide in coming weeks whether any charges would be brought forward as investigation was still underway.


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