Saturday, May 28, 2022

Here is why CSK skipper MS Dhoni chews his bat


A video of former Indian skipper MS Dhoni chewing on his bat during an IPL match has gone viral. Indian spinner Amir Mishra has unearthed the reason behind the chewing. 

Former Indian World Cup-winning captain MS Dhoni was caught chewing on his bat during a match with Delhi Capitals on May 8.

The video of the incident went viral over social media and puzzled netizens as to why the legend batter chewed on his bat?

Indian spinner Amit Mishra put all the speculations to rest and said that MSD chews out threats or any excess tape from his bat to keep it clean.

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He wrote in a tweet, “In case you’re wondering why Dhoni often ‘eats’ his bat. He does that to remove the tape from the bat as he likes his bat to be clean. You won’t see a single piece of tape or thread coming out of MS’s bat.”


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