Monday, January 30, 2023

Here’s what happens when you rub your eyes


A video showing how pair of eyes react when rubbed is going viral on social media platforms.

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Throughout the day, we rub our eyes knowing or unknowingly for many reasons such as relieving stress, getting up from sleep or medical reasons. It can be counted as a reflex too.

But have you realised what happens when you do so and why their colour turns red? A social media user showed the biological reaction via a video filmed by an MRI machine.

An eyeball started to move when the eyes are rubbed. A second video showed two eyeballs wobbling when both are rubbed.

The voiceover in the clip, which was originally posted on Reddit and shared on YouTube, have left netizens concerned.

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A user wrote, “BTW I talked to my optometrist and she recommended never rubbing your eye. Like, just don’t touch. The pressure can screw up your eye.”

“As good as it feels to rub my eyes…I’m done now. That’s awful,” wrote another.

“That looks awful, but why do I have such a strong urge to do this when I’m tired?” wrote a third person.


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