Sunday, September 19, 2021

Hilarious video: Seagull barks back after man makes dog noises


Hilarious footage of a seagull went viral on social media in which the bird barked back at a man who made dog noises.

A man has filmed the incredible moment when a seagull in his balcony barked back at him after he made dog noises.

The footage was filmed by Waynes Scholes and posted on TikTok when a seagull in his balcony responded to the man while copying him the dog noises and continued barking for a few seconds.

The man went on to check if the bird follows him after he changes the progression and the number of barks. He said that the seagull is raising her baby on his balcony.

Waynes Scholes said, “I work in Liverpool, England, a lot and have a flat there. Gully is a seagull I have become friends with and she lives on my balcony whilst she is raising her baby. The baby doesn’t fly yet,”

He added, “Gully can be quite noisy. One night I asked her politely if she could try making a less obnoxious noise. I suggested barking.  To my surprise, she copied me! Every day I’ll call at her and she’ll bark at me.”

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