Tuesday, June 28, 2022

People ‘salute’ Hina Altaf over sweet gesture on Instagram


People are showering praise and even saluting actress and VJ Hina Altaf over her act of celebrating her driver’s birthday with the latter’s family.

Just three days ago, the actress posted a picture of her with her driver and his family and wrote that she is celebrating the birthday of the man she claimed has played “a vital role” in making her life easy when she is at work “or when I just DONT WANT TO WORK”.

Here is what she wrote about her trusted servant and his wife.

“Meet Arsahd Bhai… He drives the car, takes care of the house, keeps an eye on the bad company around me. Manages my wardrobe,His wife is my official Secret designer behind “GHAR KAY KAPRAY”… He has played a vital role in making my life easy when I’m at work .. or when I just DONT WANT TO WORK”

Since then, her Instagram is flooded with comments praising her and even saluting her down to earth personality.

“Such a down to earth personality, more power to you dear, ” wrote one of her fans.

“Need more ppl like uh.. truly appreciate that,” wrote another.

“Salute you mam,” remarked another fan.

Known for her acting skills and charismatic personality, Hina started her career as VJ on ARY Musik. She also appeared in several dramas like ARY Digital’s “Marriyum Kaise Jiye”.



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