Sunday, September 25, 2022

WATCH: Hitmen disguised as cop, doctor kill jailed cartel member


In a chilling CCTV footage shared online, two hitmen appearing as a doctor and a policeman killed a jailed suspected cartel member within the hospital premises, where he was undergoing treatment for his bullet wounds sustained during an earlier assassination bid.

Alex Lugo Saltos, 33, was recovering from surgery to remove bullets from his back and leg at Delfina Torres hospital in Ecuador’s city of Esmeraldas last week when the execution was carried out at the prison cell where he is facing murder charges.

The footage shows two men with one wearing a police vest while the other in the doctor’s coat entering the hospital premises in a calm way.

Another footage from inside the hospital shows both of them walking past by the main reception centre of the hospital unnoticed, where a lady receptionist could be seen busy in doing some work.

They then make their way upstairs, accompanied by an actual police officer, where they find the ward where Saltos is being kept.

Once there, one of the hitmen suddenly pulls out his weapon, ordering the real officer to hand over his pistol before he flees.

With both of the men armed, they force another security guard in the corridor to the floor at gunpoint before entering Saltos’s room.

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Video taken from the hallway reveals the moment they opened fire, sending nurses fleeing in panic.

The police succeeded in nabbing the two suspects, who are only identified by the initials L.A.G.P and J.E.S, involved in the act. Two submachine guns and a gun believed to be the one stolen from the police officer was also recovered from their possession.


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