Thursday, February 2, 2023

Horrific: Man killed after forklift falls on him


A worker in Australia’s Sydney died after a forklift fell on him, according to a report by a foreign news outlet. 

The UK-based news agency Daily Mail reported that the 30-year-old was on duty at an industrial complex when the vehicle fell on top of him.

It is pertinent to mention that the deceased was an employee of a company that manufactures electric buses.

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NSW Ambulance claimed it sent its three road crew teams to the scene. They found him in a critical condition. Their efforts to save him went in vain as he died there.
His fellow workers were shocked by what happened. They got sent home in wake of the incident.
Earlier, an American man decorating his mother’s grave for Easter died when the headstone fell and crushed him, a newspaper said.
The accident happened in Lackawanna County in northeast Pennsylvania. The granite headstone weighed 300-400 pounds (140 to 180 kilos).


The paper said Woytack and his wife Lucy visited St. Joseph’s Cemetery many times over the years. This time he was fixing a religious ornament to the headstone when it fell and pinned him underneath.

After the stone fell, the wife found cemetery caretaker Ed Kubilus on the other side of the grounds. He called the police and rushed to the grave but could not lift the tombstone, the paper said.


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