Sunday, February 5, 2023

Horrific: Thrill seekers stuck mid-air during carousel ride


The video of a group of adventure seekers stuck on a ride mid-air in England went viral on social media.

A photographer named Philip Downie had captured the moment and streamed it live on Facebook as well. The clip has thousands of views on video-sharing social media application YouTube.

“The power has just gone off on this ride that’s on the Promenade, I think everything else is still okay,” he said. “The big wheel is still going round.

“Nice sunset tonight but yeah, if you’re afraid of heights and you were stuck up there now you wouldn’t be very happy. The music was playing and everyone was having a good time and then the power went off.”

“I think it’s the first day this has been on today, so may be some teething problems,” he added.

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A foreign news agency reported that a carousel ride in Blackpool’s 260ft-high Star Flyer attraction – that is Europe’s tallest mobile ride – stopped working due to a suspected power cut.

It is to be noted that the carousel had opened the same day for the first time. It is approximately half the size of the the Blackpool Tower.

The passengers remained dangling in mid-air for eight minutes. They were brought to safety later.


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