Thursday, August 18, 2022

VIDEO: Horse airlifted to safety after getting stuck in concrete debris   


In a dramatic rescue operation, firefighters airlifted a horse to safety after it had got stuck on its back, wedged between concrete slabs in California, US.  

According to the details, the horse got stuck in concrete debris before feeding from its rider in San Juan Capistrano. After being informed, rescue officials rushed to the scene.


When the rescue officials reached the location, they found the equine trapped on its back and wedged upside-down between pieces of concrete.

Rescuers did a quick survey and said the horse may have fallen from a ledge that is 6 feet above where it was found.

Taking to social networking website, Twitter, Orange County Fire Authority wrote, “Our technical rescue team, air operations crew, and our FF’s responded to a horse in San Juan Capistrano that was stuck on its back- wedged between pieces of jagged concrete and exposed rebar.”


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