Wednesday, August 17, 2022

WATCH: Man miraculously survives after falling out from hot-air balloon


In a misadventure captured on camera, a man fell from a hot air balloon before dangling from its rope hundreds of meters in the air.

According to details, the incident was reported in Mexico, where a man could be seen hanging from the balloon in a video captured on camera and later shared on YouTube.

It shows a helium balloon rising into the sky with one man desperately holding onto his life on the edge of a hot-air balloon. Onlookers can be heard screaming in horror as a group used tugged ropes to bring down the balloon and rescue the man.

But as they tried to bring the balloon down, the man lost his grip and plunged several metres. However, he remained lucky to survive a fall onto the ground as he gets hold of the hot air balloon rope.

The balloon slowly goes back to the ground where a group of people holds out a large sheet to provide a safe landing area for the man.

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According to media reports, no injuries were reported in the entire episode.

The circumstances leading to the incident have not yet been revealed, however, the authorities have reportedly started investigating the balloon company behind the adventure as well as similar businesses in the area to ensure they have the necessary permits and security measures.


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