Monday, August 8, 2022

How safe is it to dine out?


Mesmerized by the look of the place we waited desperately for our food after placing the order. All our delight vanished when I took the first bite of my favorite pasta.

Something hard hit my teeth while chewing and to my horror it was a stone. After half an hour of complaining to their authorities and being given another complimentary dish by the restaurant we left never to visit the same restaurant ever again.

What I realized that day was no matter how good or expensive a restaurant looks, there is no guarantee that the food that they are serving is hygienic. After the experience, I carried out a research to found out that in a research conducted earlier 143 food samples were collected from 54 eateries where the management was ordered to improve conditions of their kitchen and obtain licenses otherwise their outlets would be sealed. For the record all these samples were collected from high end restaurants.

The government definitely needs to put up strict laws regarding the following of proper hygiene in restaurants in order to provide citizens with a healthy lifestyle.



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