Wednesday, February 8, 2023

How skilled workers and investors can apply for UAE green visa?


DUBAI: In a bid to attract talent and skilled workers from all over the world, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has implemented a 5-year Green Residence visa, which will boost flexibility of the job market

Company directors, executives, engineers, professionals and technicians in scientific, technical and human fields will be among the UAE workers who can apply for the five-year green visa.

Green visas will be available to people with bachelor’s degrees who earn Dh15,000 ($4,084) or more a month as part of sweeping changes to attract new talent to the UAE and encourage residents to stay longer.

The five-year UAE green visa is a residency visa that allows its holder to sponsor him or herself for five years without the need for company sponsorship, as well as offering an array of benefits to family members. The green visa was approved by the UAE Cabinet, as per Decision No 65 for 2022.

Who is eligible for a green visa?

UAE authorities have identified three categories of people who can apply for a green visa. Investors/business partners in a commercial licence, freelancers/self-employed and high-skilled workers.

Freelancers and those who are self-employed need to have proof of a bachelor’s degree or specialised diploma and a freelance permit from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE).

To qualify, they must also be able to prove annual income in the last two years of at least Dhs360,000, or prove financial solvency through their stay in the UAE.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has nine different skill levels of jobs, in line with the International Standard Classification of Occupations.

If applying under the skilled workers’ category, the applicant should be classified in the first, second or third level. The worker should have a valid work contract in the UAE with a Dh15,000 salary and a bachelor’s degree in certain skilled fields, including science, law, education, culture and social sciences.

For skilled employees, a valid employment contract, classification in the first, second or third occupational level as per MoHRE, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and a minimum salary of AED15,000.

For investors or partners, approval of the investment and proof of investment is required and approval of the competent local authorities.

The benefits of a UAE green visa

The UAE green visa will allow the holder to easily get residency permits for children, spouses and first-degree relatives. Green visa holders will also be able to sponsore their male children up to the age of 25 and daughters regardless of their age.

The overstay period will also be extended, and once a green visa is cancelled or expires, holders will have up to six months to stay in the UAE.

Those looking to acquire a UAE green visa from overseas will be eligible for a 60-day entry work permit to come and complete the application on arrival in the emirates.

How much does a UAE green visa cost?

According to Arabian Business, AED335.75 for visa application. For status change within the country, an additional amount of AED650 will apply. Medical test and Emirates ID costs are additional.


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