Meet little ‘doll clothes’ designer Mehreen Ahsan

People sometimes accept things as they are, even if they don’t like them. But Mehreen was only 8 years old when she designed a dress for her doll because she did not like what her doll was wearing.

Mehreen Ahsan was born in Hyderabad, she not only plays with dolls but also designs their outfits with the help of the internet.

“I never liked the dresses of dolls which are usually available in the market, so I decided to design on my own,” Mehreen said.

Mehreen’s mother told that her daughter has designed more than 250 outfits and most of them are sold.

“I was quite surprised when I came to know that she (Mehreen) designs so well and I can’t even stitch a button properly,” she said.

Mehreen’s mother believes that every parent should support their child’s passion as it boosts their confidence to achieve their goals in life.

“It is very important for us to support our children to follow their passion as it gives them confidence and direction to fulfill their dreams,” she concluded.