Meet Mahnoor, a proud lady driver from Lyari, Karachi

Born and raised in one of the oldest and most historical areas of Karachi, Lyari, Mahnoor was married to a man who was according to her, not a good life partner and she decided to take divorce after a few years.

Being a single parent Mahnoor had to feed her three kids. Fighting against all odds and breaking gender stereotypes, she decided to put herself in the driving seat of life and started to pick and drop service to support her family.

Talking exclusively to ARY, Mahnoor shared her experience of driving in the busy traffic of Karachi.

“I learned to drive as my hobby but never knew that it would become my profession someday. Driving in Karachi especially when you are a woman is not an easy task but since I’ve been driving for so long, there’s no vehicle that I cannot drive” she said.

Mahnoor going to work

“One thing that I learned from life is when you stop giving importance to what people say behind your back and start living for yourself you can do anything. I always turn my difficulties into my strength and that’s the the best solution,” she added.

The lady driver does not only support her family but also works to empower the women of Lyari.

“I started social work in 2013, I mostly work with single women who have gone through hardships in their lives.”

Mahnoor’s goal is to create an institution where she can work for women’s empowerment, especially for those who are independent and struggling to make their place in society.