Thursday, July 29, 2021

Stop comparing people: Humaima Malick advises Momina Mustehsan


Humaima Malick has some words of advice for popular singer Momina Mustehsan, once again rekindling a years-old feud. 

Appearing on the ARY News show Har Lamha Purjosh with sister Dua Malik, Humaima Malick was asked by host Waseem Badami to offer some words of advice to several celebs as part of a special segment.

As part of the same segment, Humaima Malick was asked what advice she would give the Baari singer, to which she replied without hesitation, “Please stop tweeting about Pakistani women.”

Right after this, she offered an off-handed apology for being “very blunt”. She went on to add, “Also, stop comparing people, especially classifying and comparing.”



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“Every woman, whether it’s me, or someone sitting in the audience, or someone sitting at home, has the same position…” said the Bol actor.

Humaima Malick then went on to further add, “Be it Qandeel Baloch or Mahira Khan, no one is ‘cool’ or ‘not-so-cool’, everybody is the same,” referencing her 2017 feud with Momina over her comments about Qandeel Baloch.

For clearer reference, Momina was slammed in 2017 for her take on Baloch’s activism just a year after her murder. “Qandeel Balouch was not an epitome of women empowerment. If anything, she was portraying the opposite: the only asset a woman has is her body,” she had said.

Just days later, Momina had pledged her support to Mahira Khan when pictures of her with Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor started doing the rounds on social media. “Can we please give Mahira Khan a break?! Why are we so quick to judge and attack?! Esp if it’s a woman in question. It’s her life!” she was quoted.

Following this, Humaima Malick had pointed out how her stance was ‘hypocritical’.

Listen to Humaima’s advice for Momina here:

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