Friday, August 12, 2022

Fisherman catches fish with ‘human-like teeth’


In a shocking catch, a fisherman was stunned after he caught a fish that appeared to have a set of human-like teeth besides also having a zebra pattern on the body.

The odd fish was caught by Paul Lore near Melbourne, a city in the US state of Florida.

Once Paul reeled in the fish, he was initially fascinated by the zebra pattern on the body, however, more awaited for him as when he opened its mouth, he was stunned to witness human-like teeth.

“The teeth can only be described as human-like teeth, but upon further inspection, you’ll notice they have rows of these teeth like a shark. Most of them have two to three rows with very strong bite power – not enough to take a finger but enough to make you never go near the teeth again,” said Paul.

“It’s one of the weirdest fish I have encountered just based on the appearance,” he added.

What he’s actually stumbled across here is a sheepshead, and they’re actually not so unusual around the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the USA.

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Mr Lore, who is originally from Honolulu in Hawaii, explained the reasons why the sheepshead has such humanoid chompers.

He said: “They use these teeth to break barnacles, clamshells, and crab shells. They mainly consume crustaceans, so they need these types of teeth to break them open.”


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