Monday, October 18, 2021

Hungry dog eats 100 pounds as ‘meal’


Coming back home and hugging your furry doggo is exceptionally incredible. However, maintaining a dog takes a lot of work and money. Probably, no one knows that better than owner of a little dog called Peggy.

A doggo who loves chewing anything and everything that she gets its paws on went to the next level of her antics recently when she ate around £100 (Rs 9,800) of her owner’s savings.

Jocelyn Horne, from the Isle of Man, had been saving money in a pot which was kept on the side of her bed. Her pet Peggy recently decided to eat all the notes she found inside the pot.

When Jocelyn returned home from work, her partner Allan told her about the money. She thought he was playing a prank on her. However, she was in disbelief when she saw a ripped £20 note in her room.

“Peggy wants to chew everything and anything that hits the floor – I’m always picking up after her. I keep my bedroom door closed because of her and I came in and could just see a single piece of £20 on my bed. I searched high and low, couldn’t find anything else and thought there’s no way she’s eaten £100 – she couldn’t have,” Jocelyn was quoted as saying by Mirror.

“I actually thought it was my boyfriend playing a joke on me as he kept laughing,” she said.

All her doubts were cleared when she found Peggy sick on the kitchen floor the next morning, throwing up the remains of the cash.

Jocelyn was hopeful that she would recover the serial numbers on the notes. “I thought I’d wash them to see if I can get the serial numbers because then you can possibly get your money back, but she’d just thrown up parts of each note as if to really take the mickey,” she said.

She added, “There was no hope of getting the serial numbers for the cash – not unless I wanted to go through what came out of her back end and I won’t be doing that.”

The owner further added, “I didn’t find it funny at the time – it was £100, I was absolutely gutted. I still don’t know whether to laugh or cry – I look at her and I think I… love you, but you’ve swallowed £100.”

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