Tuesday, August 9, 2022

I had a pistol in one hand and a camera in the other: IBA graduate Saad Aziz on Ismaili bus attack


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IBA graduate Saad Aziz, who was one of the six assailants who had boarded the ill-fated Ismaili bus and riddled the unfortunate passengers with bullets, had tried to film the massacre.

According to officials, Saad was quoted as saying: “I had a pistol in one hand and a camera in the other”. He told interrogators that he shot dead seven people on the bus himself and that his accomplice Tahir Minhas shot dead 19 others.

He said he was supposed to film the entire episode but it all didn’t work out as planned. In the midst of all the carnage and destruction that took place, the camera fell from him hand and broke. Also, the memory card was soaked in blood.

“There was no footage recorded in the camera when I checked it after the execution. Only the roof of the bus was filmed,” stated Aziz.

According to more revelations by the IBA graduate, he was one of the four assailants who were tasked to carry out the executions inside of the bus. Two other accomplices stood guard at the exit of the bus and at the driver’s seat, whilst the shooting took place.


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