Tuesday, May 24, 2022

IG Sindh takes notice of Sar e Aam’s report on Muharram security


KARACHI: “Sar e Aam” team has revealed the so called security measures of the police during Muharram ul Haram.

How some black sheep can endanger the lives of so many people, Sar e Aam team brings forth some striking facts in its investigative report – ARY News reports.

According to details, real senior officials of police deployed fake policemen at sensitive places for security duties. This exclusive report will be broadcasted tomorrow night at 11 pm.


But our anchorperson, Iqrar ul Hassan told that during the coverage a senior police official after receiving bribe, deployed some bogus volunteers at sensitive places with respect to Muharram, without any scrutiny or verification.

The detailed report will be aired tomorrow, but for now we have this trailer of the entire scene which may aid viewers to conceive the criminal carelessness of the police, that too during Muharram when the security should be at high alert and after all due parameters taken into care.

Meanwhile, the IG Sindh has also taken notice of the report and instructed to remove all such personnel from respective security duties.


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