Tuesday, September 28, 2021

IHC rejects plea for inquiry into Shafqat Hussain’s age


IHC had issued a stay order last week against the execution of the death row convict just a day before he was scheduled to be hanged.

Shafqat’s counsel had filed a petition seeking determination of his age by a competent judicial forum.

The court had issued the order on the grounds that Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was not competent body to determine Shafqat Hussain’s age.

The court last week had directed the government to explain the legal status of the inquiry conducted by FIA to determine the age of the murder convict.

The bench in today’s hearing rejected a further plea by Shafqat’s counsel which would probe an inquiry into his age.

Shafqat Hussain was arrested and sentenced to death in 2004 for kidnapping and killing a seven-year-old boy at an apartment building in Karachi where he was working as a watchman.

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