Monday, August 8, 2022

Illegal marriage lawns being demolished in Karachi


Karachi: Over 70 marriage halls illegally-built demolished on the directives of the Supreme Court.

With them, not just the halls, marriage plans of many couples have also been bulldozed. Speaking to ARY News, a groom-to-be said:

“We see the house preparations or run after halls or get a new hall booked, we are totally confused. Recently, I made the payment for a hall and today morning I found out that too, has been demolished.”

The affected believe that authorities should have issued a notice first:

“Was the government sleeping when these halls were being constructed? Did they not know then whose wedding halls are these? People had got booking done, where the wedding cards had been distributed, it is a very difficult situation there

The officials carry out the operation unabated saying no amount of pressure is going to deter this movement. However, timely action should be taken against such constructions so that no one has to suffer its consequences.



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