Saturday, October 8, 2022

Certain people are maligning Islam with violence: Imam-e-Kaaba


Speaking at the seventh largest mosque in the world and Pakistan’s largest mosque, Imam Kaaba Sheikh Khalid al-Ghamidi emphasized on a strong bond of brotherhood between Muslims worldwide.

Speaking on the occasion, the Imam stated that Islam was a vast and broad religion, which had no tolerance for coercion of any kind. He also stressed on the fact that it was not befitting for Muslims to harbor envious feelings or be jealous towards each other.

Sheikh Khalid al-Ghamidi also stated that a group of Muslims were maligning the peaceful image of Islam through acts of violence. Islam does not force anyone to join its fold and there was no room for terrorism or violence in the religion followed by Muslims.

He further said that Islam was a religion that promoted peace and harmony. For the sake of Allah Almighty, Muslims should forgive each other and form a strong brotherhood by holding fast to the rope of God together. Sheikh Khalid al-Ghamidi also emphasized the importance of each and every Muslim to rectify his own faults and refine his character.

A packed capacity of seventy thousand Muslims offered prayers behind the Imam-e-Kaaba. Special prayers for the prosperity and security of Pakistan and the Islamic world were offered.

Imam-e-Kaaba delivers sermon at Grand Jamia… by arynews


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