Friday, August 12, 2022

I can’t take selfies because I don’t like how I look: Iman Ali


Pakistani screen siren Iman Ali may have the reputation of a looker but the Bol star isn’t quite keen on her good looks herself.

Talking to Vasay Chaudhry on the ARY Digital show Ghabrana Mana Hai, Iman shared that she isn’t the biggest fan of her face, which is why she finds it hard to photograph herself – yes, it sounds just as shocking to us!

“I don’t like the way that I look,” said Iman Ali, sharing that every time people tell her that she’s good-looking, she is forced to look in the mirror and question them.

When advised to change her mirror, Iman joked that she will have to change her cameras too because whatever angle she picks, she doesn’t look good enough to her own self. “People say “you’re lying, you must like yourself”. I don’t like myself which is why I can’t take selfies and why I’m not active on social media,” she said.

Iman Ali also shed light on how she has refused a number of films that went on to become chartbusters, including lead roles in Punjab Nahi Jaungy and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. 

When asked to list films that she has refused, Iman lamented, “God, there are so many!” before listing down some big hitters at the box office with reasons as to why she let them go.

Talking about refusing JPNA and another film, Iman Ali said, “Those were boys’ films,” implying that perhaps she prefers meatier roles for herself.

However, she gave a more detailed reason for turning down the Mehwish Hayat and Humayun Saeed starrer Punjab Nahi Jaungy, saying, “The progression of the heroine’s character felt like a betrayal from the writer’s (Khalil Ul Rehman Qamar) end.”

The Bol actor went on to add that KRQ should’ve stuck to writing from a Punjabi angle and that he failed to do justice to a Karachi-based character. “Write what you know… he (Qamar) writes really well about Punjab and Punjabi characters, but this character was out of his comfort zone,” she said.

Iman Ali will be seen in the upcoming ARY Films production Tich Button alongside Farhan Saeed.


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