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Fame and respect should be earned with hard work not by childish walk outs: Iman Ali


As a number of artists announced to boycott Lux Style Awards 2019 and many have demanded their removal from nominees’ list, famed model Iman Ali has come up with an advice.

The popular model and actress took to Instagram and urged all those who have decided to walk away from awards to see the other side of the story.

“Our sense of entitlement to quickly judge anyone and jump to conclusions is worrisome, specially in this age of social media. A platform that has made it too easy for some to become a part of a controversy or join a bandwagon and become famous overnight; potentially ruining someone’s life or body of work in minutes,” wrote Iman Ali using hashtag #MyTake.

The model-cum-actress advised all those who have boycotted the awards that “fame and respect should be earned with hard work in time, not by childish walk outs and social media posts playing judge, jury and executioner.”


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#my take

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Later, when LSA too issued a statement clarifying their stance on the issue, Iman Ali posted the same as “summary of what I was saying from a neutral point of view”.


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Summary of what I was saying from a neutral point of view #JustSaying

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The LSA statement said that the jury, “appreciates the sensitivity of the subject and recognises the intensity of public sentiment. Nevertheless, it is also important to respect that the case is being decided by Pakistan’s judicial system.”

It is pertinent to note here that in April 2018, singer MeeIn a post shared on micro-blogging site Twitter, Meesha Shafi claimed that she had been subjected to sexual harassment “of a physical nature” by Ali Zafar on multiple occasions.

The singer-cum-actress used the hashtag #MeToo to link it with an international movement against sexual harassment and assault.

Though the matter is sub judice, the singer and a number of other local celebrities have walked away from LSAs due to Ali Zafar’s nomination for “Best Actor”award.


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