Monday, October 18, 2021

Here's what you shouldn't include in a formal email!


Official communication nowadays is almost always held via emails. Whether it is an employment you seek or an interoffice memo, emails play a pivotal part in communicating or expressing your desires. Hence, it is of utmost importance and urgency that you must learn how to write an email and follow the necessary guidelines and communication rules so that you remain effective in conveying your message.

1. Do not complicate your email id, please! 

Remember, the email id you sent your message from portrays your image, mentality and the type of person you are. Hence, special care should be taken in selecting your email id name. [email protected] or [email protected] will simply portray a negative image of your whilst you submit any application, request or your CV resume for an employment opportunity. Instead, use your real name or middle name. If your corporation assigns you an email address, then that is more better!

2. Keep it formal; in sort, refrain from smileys!

Yes, please adhere to this rule! Smileys and emoticons are a feature in your casual conversations, ones you indulge in with your friends, relatives or those with whom you harbor a frank relationship. Sending emoticons in a formal letter or communication will render your message ineffective and again, portray your image as a non-serious individual.

3. The cardinal rule of communication; adopt flawless grammar!

If you’re communicating with someone inside your company, a colleague or a sub-ordinate, then incorrect spelling or grammar will undermine your authority. A weakly structured language in your email will present you as someone unskilled and unworthy of a respectable position. Also, if you’re communicating with someone outside the company or your organization such as a client, a university or a potential employer, mistakes in your communication will not go unnoticed!

4. Much depends on the signature

Just like the email id and language, your signature will of course have an impact on the reader. If you are currently employed with an organization, please make sure you use an official signature which mentions your designation and all contact details. If you are not employed with an organization currently, provide all the relevant and significant contact details in your signature such as email id (all alternate ones) and all contact numbers.

5. Conciseness and preciseness is the key!

These two rhyming words precise and concise will go a long way if you implement them in your emails! Keep it short and simple for the reader to understand. If any background is needed, simply insert a brief summary and avoid going into lengthy details. Be precise; stick to the issue at hand and do not divert further from the topic. If you drag out your letter and reach a sway away from the topic, you’re reader will yawn in no time!

6. Professional presentation, please!

Using multitude fonts in one single email or different colors will surely distract your reader. When communicating formally, use one font and one color (preferably black). This shows regularity, stability and continuity, things that reflect your personality aspects as well.


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