Friday, August 12, 2022

Ours is the first govt that wants to industrialise Pakistan: PM


FAISALABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan says his is the first government after 1960 that wants to industrialise Pakistan

Addressing industrialists and traders in Faisalabad, the premier said: “You are Pakistan’s industrial hub. If you progress Pakistan will progress.” He recalled the ruling PTI faced a serious economic crisis when it came to power in 2018.

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Prime Minister Khan said it is up to the government to help industries flourish so as to create employment opportunities. Noting that Pakistan faces a historic debt, he said wealth creation in the country will help the government pay off the debt.

He lauded his economic team and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) governor over policies to bring the country’s economy out of the coronavirus-induced sluggishness. As the world faced an unprecedented crisis brought on by the pandemic with countries like India imposing lockdown, he said the PTI government saved the poor and industries.

The prime minister said the second wave of the coronavirus is rearing its ugly head, due to which a small gathering was held today. He urged people to wear masks and follow SOPs to keep the virus at bay.

“Economy will suffer and poverty will increase if pressure [of increasing patients] piles up on hospitals,” he pointed out.

Prime Minister Khan said they are bringing reforms to the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) to purge it of all ills. All-out efforts are underway to boost exports, he maintained and vowed to facilitate businessmen.

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Talking about people’s demand for the establishment of high court in Faisalabad, PM Khan said there should be a high court bench at every divisional headquarter.

He said his government believes in solving people’s problems at the primary level for which a new local government system is being introduced in the country. He said under the new system, every urban center will have its own directly elected mayor. He said cities will be made more empowered to resolve their problems at the local level and without looking for any help from the provincial or the federal government.


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