Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Imran Khan has clear record for paying taxes, says law firm


“Imran Khan has been regularly paying income tax and wealth tax returns and all the income earned through cricket and advertisement has been recorded in tax returns files,” said the firm in a letter written to the PTI leadership while rejecting the allegations leveled by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz on Imran Khan for having offshore companies.


PML-N leaders have strongly criticized the chairman PTI after he admitted ownership of an offshore company.

In a tweet, PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz declared Imran Khan ‘pioneer of offshore companies’ and stated that he deserves trailblazer award in this regard.

The law firm claimed that the PTI chairman had never received any letter or warning regarding submission of taxes or hiding assets.

The letter said Khan had sold his London flat in 2003 and brought its money through legal channel into Pakistan. Yousaf Islam Associates also challenged that it was ready to answer any question about financial issues of Imran Khan.


Earlier on Friday, while talking to reporters at Heathrow Airport London, Imran Khan had confirmed he had formed an offshore company to buy a flat in London in 1983 to evade British taxes.

He had said he established an offshore firm on the advice of his accountant to evade taxes when he was a cricket player.


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