Monday, September 26, 2022

Imran Khan gives eleven points agenda for ‘Naya Pakistan’


LAHORE: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Sunday gave eleven points agenda for ‘Naya Pakistan’ which include reforms in education, health, policing and tourism sectors, ARY News reported.

“No one can help you ever, if you don’t want to do it yourself. Allah’s blessings do not shower upon the oppressor. We will have to fight against the tyranny and will have to side with the oppressed, the poor the uneducated and the deprived only then He’ll shower His blessings upon us,” he said while addressing a massive rally at Minar-e-Pakistan in Lahore, stronghold of the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PMLN).

Several PTI leaders including Murad Saeed, Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Arif Alvi also addressed on this occasion.

Imran Khan vowed to fight for the rights of the people of the country till the last drop of his blood.

Giving his 11 points agenda, he put education, health and debt-free Pakistan on top of the list.

“No country can ever flourish without emphasizing on education. All the Asian tigers educated their children, the men and the women,” he said.

He said 0.8 million children in Pakistan were in English schools and they were the ones who got the maximum jobs, while 2.5 million children were in religious seminaries, who are mostly poor.

“Did we care for poor? Why do not we ask if they would ever get any high position in a company,” he wondered.

Citing example of Germany and Japan, he said in the world wars both the countries were completely devastated and there was hardly an infrastructure saved. However, they rebuilt their nation in a record 10 years’ time period.

PTI would invest maximum on the development of the people and on one education system in Pakistan, he said.

Imran said the PTI will reform the health system of Pakistan.

“I will build hospitals in Pakistan where the poor wouldn’t have to worry about money and rich wouldn’t need to go abroad for treatment,” he said.

He also said Pakistan was under heavy debts and he would make Pakistan a debt-free country. He said he would collect double the amount of taxes to pay debts.

The PTI chairman said the Pakistani nation was the most generous nation in the world, once they trust that their money is spent for the right cause, they are even more generous.

“I raised two billion in less than two hours from this same nation. When they’ll know that their money will be spent well and fairly they will pay taxes.”

He said six thousand billion rupees was the debt on Pakistan in the last 60 years until 2008, and in Asif Zardari’s period it increased up to Rs13,000 billion and then in the PML-N government it increased upto 27,000 billion.

Fourth point of his agenda was to eradicate corruption.

“Have you ever heard of a party leader expelling 20 parliamentarians? Wherever Pakistan is today it is because of corruption. We’ll strengthen the National Accountability Bureau, while the Sharifs weakened it.”

Giving his fifth point, he said his government will increase investment through helping industries by reducing gas and electricity bills.

“We will bring back overseas Pakistani, who are our assets, and they will bring investment along with them.”

Imran’s sixth point was that the PTI government would create job opportunities and reduce unemployment.

“We’ll make five million homes for the poor so that the poor will be able to have their own houses, improve technical education like we are doing in Hari Pur,” he said.

Promotion of tourism was presented as the seventh point. He said, “You don’t realize how beautiful your country is. We reduced poverty in KP by promoting tourism. We have tourism spots like no other but no one paid heed. Insha Allah! We will make Pakistan a tourism hub.”

He said our northern areas are more beautiful than Switzerland.

Switzerland was a small country and it made over $20 billion only on the basis of tourism. “Your northern areas are double the size of Switzerland.”

He also said the PTI would strengthen federation system by giving federating units their rights.

“One of the most important thing that we’ll do for South Punjab is to create an administrative unit of it.. We will bring an exemplary local government system. Secondly I want to tell people of FATA, I’ve always stood by you. I was always against this war on terror. The foremost task would be to merge FATA with KP and will develop FATA on priority basis.”

The PTI chief gave ninth spot to environment in his list. “Environment is our priority. For the first time ever the KP government has paid special attention to environment. We’ll plant 10 billion trees across Pakistan.”

He said his government would bring reforms in policing system.

In the end, he said: “Lastly, I promise the women of Pakistan. We’ll educate the women. Whatever, i am today, it’s all because of my mother who made me a patriotic person and raised me to be a truthful person.”

“We’ll strengthen women to access police help easily by making women police stations.”

Another promise that I make is to the women of Pakistan that we’ll legally bound people to give their women inheritance share which is their right, he said.

Prompting deliberation over creation of Pakistan, PTI chief Imran Khan said everyone should ask himself why this country was founded.

“What was the need to create this country, I’ll explain it to you today why Quiaid-e-Azam who initially wanted to bring Hindus and Muslims together, later decided for a separate country for Pakistan.

“Quaid-e-Azam decided for a separate country because the Congress didn’t want to give equal rights to Muslims but wanted Hindu raj,” he said.

He said the Quaid had the foresight to see that Muslims will never be able to live with equal rights in India.

“Muslims were a minority in India. While In Pakistan, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims were supposed to be equal and together based on the Islamic welfare state of Medina,” he said.

Imran said Muslims, who followed the principles of justice, ruled the world for centuries.

Responding to the ruling party’s propaganda about him that he was a laadla (blue-eyed boy) of the establishment, he said he was the only brother of his four  sisters and he was his mother’s blue-eyed boy.

“The PML-N calls me blue-eyed boy, yes, but I was only my mother’s blue-eyed boy.”

Earlier, a meeting of senior party leaders was summoned to discuss and finalize the party chief’s “historic” speech that he will deliver at the gathering.

Imran visited the venue of the rally last night. Speaking to media he had said this rally would be “mother of all jalsas.”

He said he had never seen such “junnoon” at the venue a night before the scheduled meeting.


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