Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Imran Khan visits Lady Reading Hospital


Imran visited the hospital with his wife Reham Khan in order to meet the injured who were being taken care of at Lady Reading Hospital. The deadly Peshawar tornado had decimated buildings and disrupted electric supply across the city. Strong winds blew along with torrential rains whichw reaked havoc across the city, causing the deaths of more than 45 people and injuring as much as 150 people.


After visiting the hospital and inquiring after the health of the wounded, Imran spoke to media personnel outside the hospital. Imran revealed that Lady Reading Hospital would be structurally changed in order to improve its standards. He said that administrative changes in the hospital could not be implemented until and unless a law were to be in place. Khan revealed that a new law was ready to be implemented, which would structurally change Lady reading Hospital for the better.

Imran also clarified that KPK’s ministers as well as the chief minister worked hard and did not spend astronomical sums on their promotion in the media. He said that he did not want to hinder rescue efforts hence he came unannounced and without informing anyone. Imran stated that doctors had dissuaded CM Pervez Khattak from visiting the hospital whereas he had himself sought permission from them, before coming. Promising that Lady Reading Hospital would become a model hospital for other hospitals, Imran disclosed that the same doctors who were running the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Peshawar board were involved in organizing Lady Reading Hospital as well. Khan also said that KPK government would spend the most amount on health and education sectors.


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