Sunday, August 14, 2022

Imran to make crucial announcement at 3pm today


Addressing his supporters at a sit-in, the PTI chief said to transform Islamabad into Tahrir Square. “I pay tribute to the spirit and dteremination of large crowd gathered to bring about change in the country, said Khan.

He asserted that Nawaz-led monarchy could not stop emergence of ‘new Pakistan’. He apologized to tribal people ‘who have been sacrificing their lives for last ten years.’

He charged up the crowd, saying he would spend his nights with his supporters at a sit-in until the monarchy was thrown out and real democracy revived in the country.

He asked PTI supporters all over the country to come and join the rally in Islamabad for the sake of Pakistan.

It takes sacrifice to bring about revolution, no government servant could protest this way to change political dynamics of the country in favour of the nation, said Khan.


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