Monday, June 27, 2022

In pictures: Korean singer Daud Kim reaches Pakistan


Korean singer Daud Kim arrived in Pakistan and his pictures are going viral across social media platforms.

The Korean singer reached Pakistan after performing Umrah.

Daud Kim, known as Jay Kim before converting to Islam in 2019, shared the click of his flight ticket that read, “2 hours to get the ticket but Alhamdulillah I’m going.”

The text of the picture – which sees him sitting on the fight – read, “Mera Intezar Karo !! Mujhay Tumse Pyar Hai (Wait for me. I Love You).”

The singer was seen in a traditional Pakistani dress in another picture whose text read, “Chalo Pakistan Chalte Hain (Let’s go to Pakistan).”


Daud Kim wrote “finally” on the picture of his arrival in the country. He asked fans what should he do in another picture.

The artist recently performed umrah before coming to Pakistan.


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A post shared by Daud Kim (@jaehan9192)

“I am the luckiest person,‘Cause Allah (SWT) has chosen me and Allah has brought me here. 🇸🇦 Masha Allah ❤️ Thanks to Allah, thanks to give me the chance to come to the Holiest city in the world. I pray for all the Muslim brothers and sisters. May Allah forgive our sins. May Allah accept our Duas 🤲” he wrote.


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