Sunday, October 2, 2022

In The Eye Of Storm: Over thousand fishermen still in sea


Commissioner Karachi has issued warning to the fishermen to return back to land before the cyclone which is bringing strong winds and high tides. Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum says that due to the lack of the communication facilities it was impossible to communicate the fishermen in deep sea about the danger of the cyclonic waves. According to weather reports the eye of Cyclone Nilofar, which has been classified by officials as a very severe cyclonic storm, will pass around 250 kilometres from Karachi. According to weather pundits the storm’s outer waves would hit Pakistani coasts, which will bring strong winds, high tides and rains to southern parts of Sindh province. Scientists say the pressure inside the eye of a cyclone is very deep and there are light winds, which can give a false sense of security. There is also an eerie sensation, as 200 kilometre per hour winds can suddenly go calm. The winds can return to being just as strong as the cyclone continues to move over. Provincial Disaster Management Authority has advised district officials to evacuate villages along the coastline. Provincial authorities claimed to have vacated government buildings and schools to house the affected people.




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