Saturday, June 25, 2022

Indian actor gets swollen face after botched surgery; photos go viral


Indian and Kannada actor Swathi Sathish’s face became unrecognizable following a simple root canal surgery. 

An India-based news agency reported that Swathi Sathish’s face got swollen after the procedure. The doctors had told her swelling was one of the side effects and it will be normal within a few days. 

Her situation is the same after 20 days. 

She has accused the clinic of her condition. She is also considering filing a case. She is receiving treatment at a different clinic. 

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The news outlet reported the actress is stressed. Her film is releasing cannot for its promotion. 

Earlier, the 22-year-old Kannada actor Chetana Raj passed away because of complications after “fat removal” surgery at a private clinic in Bengaluru city. The deceased actor’s parents accused the clinic of negligence.


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