Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Indian actor found dead; husband taken into custody


Indian model turned actor Sahana was found dead at her Kozhikode residence on Thursday night. Her husband named Sajjad has been taken into custody.

After celebrating her 22nd birthday on Thursday, Sahana was found dead later at night at her residence in Parambil Bazar near the Kozhikode city of India. Her parents have alleged that the actor has been murdered by her husband Sajjad, who has been taken into custody by police for investigation.

“My daughter would never die by suicide, she was murdered,” her mother alleged. “She used to cry all the time saying they were torturing her. He used to get drunk and create trouble.”

“His parents and sister were also torturing her, then I suggested that they move to a separate house. Even after that my daughter told me that he was behaving badly with her and wanted money. The 25 sovereigns of gold that we gave had been used. She had wanted to meet us on her birthday,” the lady further told media.

Sajjad on the other hand has denied all the claims and said that he found his wife dead in the bathroom.

Senior police officials are investigating the matter and have not ruled out the foul play in the case yet. As per the statement of a police official given to a local publication, “She acted in a Tamil venture and received some money for it recently. The couple seem to have had arguments over this. Yesterday was her birthday, but he came back late. The couple had another argument then. According to the husband, he found her dead inside the bathroom after that.”

Reports from Indian media outlets suggest that Sajjad had worked in Qatar earlier but is currently unemployed and the couple lived in a rented house in Kozhikode.


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